Sorcerer Magic Comes to Disney

I know this is going to sound crazy, but do you ever get bored at
Disney?  Ok! Ok! Put the turkey leg down it was just a question! My
husband and I have found ourselves at Disney about twice every year for
the past couple of years.  We don’t get bored, but we are always
looking to try new things.  So this year when we traveled in March, we
were excited to find out the new interactive game in the Magic
, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, had just opened.

Let me tell you, we have never spent so much time in the Magic Kingdom
as we did this trip and it was wonderful!  And as of right now,
SOMK cards are still FREE.  There are rumors, of course, that they
will be sold later on but, no official word as of yet. I thought I
would give you a little run down of how to play, well according to my
rules anyway, as there is no official guide, just trial and error!

When you arrive at the Magic Kingdom, make your way to the Fire Station
on Main Street, or head to the little kiosk located behind the Christmas
Shoppe in Frontierland.  This is where you will pick up a SOMK map, key
card, and 5 pack of playing cards.  Each person over the age of 7 is
allowed only ONE pack per day.  And no, you can’t go to each spot and
get a pack.  They will actually swipe your key to the kingdom card or
your annual pass or magic your way ticket before giving them to
you.  There is only one exception where you can get TWO packs in one
day, that is when you level up… but I’m moving ahead of myself.

With anything in this world, practice makes perfect. At each starting
location, there is a practice station for first timers.  Here a cast
member will show you just how to activate your card, and use your cards
to cast spells against evil Disney villains that you might have to fight
along the way, to save the Magic Kingdom from their dark powers!  Wow,
I got all excited for a minute there…
There is a “portal” that will open once you swipe your key card. This
key card keeps track of your adventure and what level you are on.  The
practice portal will tell you where you will start your adventure.  For
me, my first adventure was right on Main Street USA.  My husband’s was
in Adventureland.  (for right now, the game is held on Main Street USA,
Adventureland, Fantasyland and Frontierland. I would not be surprised -
and actually I’d be rather pleased, if there will be portals put in
Tomorrowland, and Also if ones will be placed in the new Fantasyland
when that opens.)

We headed over to a shop on Main Street.  Here I waited in a line to
start my adventure.  The first portal will always show you what your
mission is, and who you will be fighting.  I was fighting Cruella
DeVille.  I had opened my pack of playing cards, and found I had one
star card (which are rare) and four common cards.  The cards have all
kinds of characters on them, with special spells.  Buzz Lightyear’s
Astro Blaster, Merlin’s Fireball, Rupunzel’s Hair Whip, and Wall-e’s
Trash Crunch are just a few examples of the cards and their powers.

I don’t want to give away everything, but here are a few hints I’ve
heard around the Kingdom.. You can use multiple cards to cast a spell.
The more you use a card, the stronger your spells become.  Trade a star
card for a star card.  Ask others in line to trade, trust me, they
will! Using cards from the same movie strengthens the spell.  Using the
same color cards makes the spell more powerful.  (Mind you, there is
nothing stating ANY of these facts are true, just things us SOMK players
like to think are true!)

The main thing to remember, is to have fun!  If you are looking to
book a trip so you can become a Sorcerer, send me an email for a FREE
!  I look forward to hearing from you, and hearing about your
magical adventure through the Magic Kingdom.
Tracy Hilker



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