Questioning a Disney Cruise….Read on

The Disney Fantasy

Not sure if you want to do a Disney Cruise?  Well neither was I until I recently went on the Disney Fantasy.  All I have to say is WOW.


I had my concerns before I set sail for many reasons…

1.        I get really motion sick.

2.        Would there be enough to do

3.       How was the food going to be

4.       Security


Well only Disney can take all my worries away like MAGIC.  From start to finish it was like magical experience.



When you check into the Disney Cruise they take a picture of you and your cabin members, little did I realize that this is for facial recognition through your whole cruise.  How awesome is that …Where ever you go on the ship they ask your cabin number then instantly your picture pops up.  So not only was there safety but a friendly very personnel connection with you and the cast members.


The kids clubs are also more secure then the best daycares.  When you dock at Castaway, the same team member that works the clubs works the island.  So no worries that your kids will have to re-adjust to someone new.


Those are just 2 of the things that I loved about the security aboard the Disney cruise.


Now onto food…


Well if you have been to Disney then there is no doubt that the food is AWESOME. But how about the ship? Well that is better than fairy dust….


You have rotational dinning which means you have a different restaurant on the cruise every night.  What I thought about this was how cool what I like best is my wait staff that was with me the first night was with me every night so by the 2nd night my cherry coke was waiting for me.  How cool was that.


Next is you can order anything you would like on the menu, if you get it and it’s not what you like well go ahead and pick something else.


My favorite part of the meal is you get to be a family. They serve the kids first and then someone from your wait staff will ask you if you would like them to take your kids to the kids club so that you can finish your meal.  Wow you mean I get family time and adult time and a hot meal all in the same setting.  LOVE THE DISNEY CRUISE!!


So your family isn’t into restaurants ok well how about buffets no schedule needed.  The buffet is open from sunup to sun down and the food has everything you could want from fresh donuts to eggs and fresh seafood to prime rib or just soup and salad.


Not a buffet fan that’s ok there are 2 walk up restaurants by the pool.


Need a snack? Unlimited ice cream, fresh hot cookies and drinks from coffee and tea to soda and juice and milk as often as you would like.


There are a lot of foods to choose from and even the pickiest eater doesn’t go away hungry.


Worried about what to do no problem you will not be board on the Disney ship.


You have so many options as a family you can see the Disney characters, swim in the family pool, watch a movie, catch a live show, golf, and so much more.


As a adult you can visit the adult only pool and lounge, go to the adult only spa and restaurants.


As a kid you will be amazed at the pool area the kids club rock!!  I actually heard kids crying because they had to go back to their parents.


The deck party’s are a lot of fun and the theme nights are awesome.  Aboard the Disney Cruise you get to be a family, adult and a couple all in the same trip.


As for getting motion sick well coming in and out of port moved the boat a little more then I liked but the higher up on the ship I was the better.  So it was really ok.


I had doubts about if a Cruise was right for me and my family but after this I would say that it was awesome and everyone should do it !!  There are so many things that were amazing.  But for me I loved the all in one ADULT, FAMILY, COUPLE idea and kids and adults of all ages will be in awe from start to finish I know I still am…

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