Pin trading – Make This Your Family Tradition



Standing inside a gift shop at any of the theme parks is so over whelming.  On our recent trip to Disney World, I told my kids we would buy something but the biggest question was what to buy.  My 8 year old wanted a hat with Mickey ears on and I knew that after wearing it for a few days, it would get put in a bin at home and we’d never see it again.  While looking at different shops in Epcot, we saw a huge display of pins.  We didn’t have any idea that there was a whole world of pin trading in Disney

Back in 1999, Disney released the tradition of Disney Pin Trading. Thousands of different and unique pins exist.  We first started with picking out our lanyards.  Then we picked out a starter pin set.  We pinned the pins on our lanyard and then the fun began.  Most cast members wear lanyards or lanyard squares.  You may trade up to 2 pins, per cast member, per day.  My kids had a blast going up to all different cast members asking to look at their pins. 
We did buy a few pins not to trade, which we will keep as a reminder of our special trip with Grandma and Grandpa.  My daughter’s special pin was Expedition Everest (the ride at Animal Kingdom).  My son had 2 special pins.  The first was Tower of Terror (at Hollywood Studios) and the second a pin from Coronado Springs (where we stayed). 
When we got home, the pins sat on the lanyards for a month and I wanted to find a way to display them.  Check out my son and daughters pin collection. 
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