Midnight Dessert Buffet onboard a Disney Cruise


On our first 7 day Disney Cruise, after a few days of enjoying all the amazing food options Disney has to offer on their menu, they offered the Midnight Dessert Buffet. Amazing!  Just when you feel you have seen and tried the best, they offer up yet an amazing display of desserts for you.  I have done several different cruises since, and Disney seems to always do it one better every time we come back.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of some of these creations, you might want to get towards the front of the line, which can very easily start lining up outside the main restaurant close to a half hour ahead of time.  But when they open those doors and you see the massive line up they have to offer, you will be more than happy you were there to see them first, and capture as many photo’s to share with everyone back home, before the creations are all gobbled up.

And of course, Disney always does their best to accommodate everyone’s nutritional needs.  There is a vast variety that are low sugar, or sugar free and are just as sinfully delicious to look at and taste as the rest.

So, when you encounter on a 7 day Disney Cruise, don’t miss out on this one.  There will be plenty for everyone, and certainly options so far out of this world, not one will go untouched.



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