Calling all Princesses and Pirates


So you book a trip to Disneyworld and you know all about the rides and the shows, but do you know that you can become a true character too. That is right you can become a Princess or a Pirate. How you might ask? To become your inner princess make an appointment at the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique in Magic Kingdom or the other location in Downtown Disney. For all you Jack Sparrow lovers out there make your appointment at the Pirates League in Magic Kingdom.

Both are really cool interactive experiences that you can choose from. At the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique girls age 3-12 can participate in three different experiences; Disney Diva, Pop Princess or Fairytale Princess. There are three makeovers to choose from which are the Coach Makeover which includes hairstyle and shimmering makeup. The Crown Makeover which includes hairstyle, makeup and nails. Finally the Castle Makeover package which includes; Hair style, nails, shimmering make-up, imaging package (includes one 6″x8″ and four 4″x6″ photos in a themed holder) and a Princess costume of your choice complete with crown, wand and shoes. No matter which package you choose you will be transformed by the Fairy Godmothers in training for a wonderful experience that will delight any little girl. For the little prince in your life they also offer a Knight Package which includes colorful hair gel and confetti, a sword and shield.


Now for all the scoundrels and rogues out there an appointment at the Pirates League is just the ticket. You will find the Pirates League in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom. Each guest checking in at the plunder-filled pirate’s lair gets an official pirate name. Then it’s off to Muster Station for applications of beards and eye patches, scarves and scars, earrings and gold teeth – all done with the savvy skill of a veteran pirate who shares his own tales of sea-sailing adventures. You will take your pirate oath and then are officially part of Captain Jack’s motley crew. You are then free to test your pirate prowess in the streets of Adventureland.

No matter which experience you choose it is great fun and something not to miss.

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