Cupcakes that are healthy…. sign me up!

On my recent trip to Walt Disney World to see the new Art of Animation resort, I had to take a pit stop to try a cupcake at the famous “babycakes nyc”.

What you might ask is “babycakes nyc”? That to was my question when my son told me we had to go to try this new concoction. Sweet treats that are made from all organic ingredients. Free from eggs, dairy, gluten and carein. There are no toxic chemicals or sugar. The sweets were also recently certified kosher,parve and vegan.

When he explained this to me, my thoughts were how in the world can something without all of that be at Walt Disney World…I mean I’m not sure about you but I like sugar in my cupcakes and prefer not to know what else is in them.

In order to show that I could be a team player and a team sport I made my selection of what cupcake to try. They looked like normal cupcakes, full, creamy and delicious so I did what every Mom would do and dug in to my Red velvet cupcake…the result, spectacular. The cupcake was moist and tasty so good in fact I figured I should take one for team and try another , this time my choice was the “French Toast” Cupcake. My 7 year old asked for a bite and was hooked immediately. I had to tell my son he was right which is not always easy but in this case true. His favorite flavors were the carrot cake as well as the mint. He also really liked the brownie.

When you are on your vacation at Walt Disney World it is a must to take a pit stop to Downtown Disney so you to can enjoy this incredible invention!

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Amy Blades


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