Disney’s Mountain Range


Yes, Central Florida has mountains!

Three of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular attractions comprise the Magic Kingdom Mountain Range.  Have you conquered them all?

Space Mountain~ Tomorrowland

Minimum Height Requirement:  44”

FASTPASS Attraction

This icon of the Magic Kingdom was first introduced in 1975 and is the oldest operating roller coaster in the state of Florida.  Don’t let its age fool you though.  This is still a high tech flight through space thanks to the constant updates from Walt Disney Imagineering including a recent overhaul of the sound system and special effects.  Each car seats three guests single file with two cars per rocket.  The trick to making this otherwise unintimidating track thrilling is that it’s completely in the dark.  Small, quick dips are interspersed with intense twists so that your stomach never quite catches up with your body.  In the darkness you never quite know where you are headed.  TIP:  If you aren’t quite sure you are up for the experience take a nice, leisurely ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  This slow moving attraction takes guests on a sneak peak through the center of Space Mountainwhere you can get an idea of the atmosphere of the attraction.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ~ Frontierland

Minimum Height Requirement:  40”

FASTPASS Attraction

Known as “the wildest ride in the wilderness”, this attraction is reminiscent of a mine train you might have found in the Old West in the late 1800’s.  The mine cars are running lose through the flooded, abandoned old town of Tumbleweed.  Don’t close your eyes though ~ you might find the town isn’t abandoned after all!   The details in this attraction are vintage Disney and you will find something new to look at each time you ride.  While there are some dark sections and twists and turns, this is the tamest of the three mountains and is a good introduction to a coaster type ride for kids. For a totally different experience take a ride at night.  TIP:  The last few cars of the train feel the motion the most.


Splash Mountain~ Frontierland

Minimum Height Requirement:  40”

FASTPASS Attraction

Based on the Disney movie, the Song of the South, this attraction will not only get your heart pumping, it will also get you wet!  This is actually a 10 minute ride that will take you on a trip along with Br’er Rabbit as he leaves his home in search of adventure.  Along the way you will meet some friendly, and not so friendly, animal friends who teach Br’er Rabbit that “home sweet home is the lesson today”.  The themeing and music of this attraction are almost as fun as that final plunge down Chickapin Hill!  There are a few small hills inside the mountain but the final drop is definitely the highlight.  Make sure you keep your eyes open ~ the view from the top of the hill is gorgeous ~ all the way from Cinderella’s Castle across to the Contemporary Resort.  And make sure you smile ~ that flash is the magical Disney camera snapping your photo for what promises to be a great keepsake of your adventure.  TIP:  If you don’t want to get wet just bring a disposable rain poncho and sit towards the back of the log.

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