The best place to conquer your cravings while visiting Disney World.

It never fails, that when we visit Disney, we have to visit Downtown Disney as well.  Not only is the shopping there terrific, the snacks you can find are pretty awesome as well.  My family’s favorite place is none other than Goofy’s Candy Co.  This great find is located on the east end of Downtown Disney, near the Rainforest Café.

 If you want something sour, sugary, salty, gooey, this store has the ingredients to calm any craving you may have.  It’s usually the sugary pick-me up that my family is looking for about half way through our trip.  Having gone non-stop enjoying all the parks, we always find the time to take a trip to Goofy’s Candy Co. and get our snack on!


To make things even more exciting, they offer self serve for several different items in the store.  Mix up a bag of those special jelly bean flavors, or combine all the gooey goodness of their other candies to mix as well.  And, for those who enjoy the pixie stick sugar thrill, you can even custom fill your own pixie stick right there for yourself.

Our favorite, is designing our own sweet attack.  Mmm, delicious.  All you need to do is pick up an order form, fill out your delicious requests and a Goofy’s Candy Co. cast member is there to design it right before your eyes.

All the dipping of chocolate, dunking in crushed oreos, mini M&Ms, Reese’s chips, sprinkles, and then drizzling some more chocolate over top.  Oh yeah.  And then, it goes in to the deep freeze for a few minutes to make sure all that gooeyness stays in tack while you attempt to eat it in one sitting.

These delicious goodies make for a great snack on plane rides home too.  It definitely gets the looks from the stewardesses as they pass on by with peanuts and cookies!

So next time you are visiting Disney World, make sure to take a side trip to Downtown Disney on the east end to Goofy’s Candy Co. and create your own mouthwatering sensation to enjoy.

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Cindy Presley

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