Finding Pixie Dust

At Disney World when magical things happen, it’s common to bring them up with the words “pixie dust”.  On our last trip, we were lucky enough to be sprinkled with Pixie Dust quite a few times!  Here are some of my favorite moments that we were lucky enough to capture with our PhotoPass photos.

On our very first morning in the parks, we headed straight for Fantasyland.  My oldest wanted nothing more than to ride Dumbo.  Unfortunately, it was raining and Dumbo was closed.  Carrousel, it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight?  No.  So she and my husband went into a shop to kill time while my youngest rode the Carrousel with Grandma.  I snapped some pictures of the younger one riding and having fun and wandered into the shop.  I saw my husband and my daughter staring at Sleeping Beauty’s dress which was changing colors.  She was MESMERIZED.  Then I heard a camera click.  I turned around and there was a Disney PhotoPass photographer taking their picture.  He put his finger to his lips, asking me to be quiet.  When he was done, I handed him my PhotoPass card (while sobbing).  I couldn’t wait to see the pictures!

I was also surprised at how much time the characters took with our kids.  The first interaction I loved was my girls meeting Mike and Sulley (from “Monsters, inc”).  There was NO line and we walked right up.  Our youngest was a little afraid of Sulley but went straight to Mike – where he proceeded to try to get her to dance.  She was so confused!  But he just kept tapping his toes!

Woody and Buzz played tic-tac-toe in our autograph book and took my daughter’s monkey and played catch with him, even though there was a VERY long line.  They treated us like we were the only ones there.

Fawn (the fairy) had my daughters “fly” around the room.  And then, when she saw the Rosetta doll my oldest had and saw how DEVASTATED she was that Rosetta wasn’t there, she made sure she told her that she would talk to Rosetta and tell her she had stopped by.  She also made sure that the Rosetta doll was in the picture.

We also got to witness a Pixie Dust moment for another family.  While in line for Lotso, just as we had gotten to the front and were waiting for him to come back, we were approached by a Cast Member.  The Cast Member asked us if we minded if a Wish Child went ahead of us (a child who was there with Make-A-Wish).  He was scared to death of Lotso, but waved to him.  His family then stuck around for him to see our kids visit with Lotso.  After seeing my girls run to him and hug him, he got a second chance and seeing him hug Lotso is a memory I’ll have forever.

We had prepurchased the PhotoPass CD, so we stopped at every PhotoPass opportunity we had.  And there were a lot of character greetings where a photographer was present.  I’m so glad we did this, as we were able to get a LOT of pictures that I might have missed the “moment” if I had been the one taking the pictures.  By prepurchasing the CD, we saved a little bit of money and were then able to use them to make a photobook for each of the girls and a calendar.  They LOVE looking through the books of their old trips!

Do you want to find Pixie Dust?!   Contact me today!  I’d love to plan your family’s MAGICAL vacation!!,, or 1-800-670-4312, x129.


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