A Wonderful World of Color!

World of Color is a fantastic nighttime show at Disney’s California Adventure park (part of the Disneyland Resort in California). It is by far my favorite nighttime show of ANY Disney park. And I might be one of those people who cry and/or get goosebumps when I watch Fireworks in front of Cinderella’s Castle!

My husband and I were at California Adventure back in 2009 for the first time but there was quite a bit of construction going on for something called World of Color. It intrigued me even though I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what it was exactly.  I didn’t think we would be back to Disneyland Resort for many many years so I didn’t investigate too much, thinking I wouldn’t get to see it anyway.

2 years later we found ourselves back at California Adventure and I was ready to experience World of Color. I looked forward to it ALL day the first day. I was excited to find out that you can get a FastPass for World of Color to get prime viewing for the show. FastPasses are available first thing in the morning at Grizzly River Run FastPass machines.   World of Color takes place at Paradise Pier and there are no seats for World of Color (much like Illuminations at Epcot). Although there are plenty of places to sit and watch around the park (some spots are better than others).

Our first day there we didn’t make it in time to get a FastPass for World of Color. I was pretty disappointed until the show started. I was ready to have to strain my neck to see around all the tall people but as soon as the music started and the water shot up in the air I forgot all about that and audibly oooed and awwwed with the rest of the crowd.  The show is so well staged that most anywhere you could be is a unique and colorful view.

World of Color is tough to explain but I would say it is more of an experience than a show and that it is a collective experience. The whole park seems to pause and slow down as the show begins. Something magical happens when you are standing with that many people, surrounding that big of a space and seeing the show happen right in front of your face. The music, stories, color, water, and Disney Characters projected onto the mist draw you in as soon as the first note begins.  Disneyland Resort now offers special Mickey Ears that can be purchased called “Glow with the Show”. The Mickey ears are programmed to sync with the World of Color music and lights making it even more of a collective/interactive experience. The Glow with the Show Mickey ears will also sync up with a few of the attractions in the new Cars Land.

We experienced World of Color the next night as well and this time with preferred viewing (due to getting FastPasses first thing in the morning). It did not lose any of its surprises or magic seeing it again. I won’t give too much away but it is for sure a must see. World of Color Dining packages are also available and can be purchased in advance to give you a meal and preferred viewing for the show. World of Color is scheduled each night for 2 show times, usually 8pm and 9:15pm.

If you have little ones and are worried that Walt Disney World may be too overwhelming -OR- if you want to go on a Disney vacation but only have a few days…think about Disneyworld Resort in California. The 2 parks are right next to each other so no transportation is needed between parks.  A lot of my favorite attractions from Walt Disney World can also be found at Disneyland and California Adventures. Plus there are plenty of surprises that just might become a new favorite. Like World of Color!

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