Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Here are some photos from my recent stay at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. It is a lovely area and the ability to walk back and forth to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is awesome. I posted photos of the room and you can view them at blog.travelwiththemagic.com  The room was very clean but several of the lights were out and I had no duvet on my bed.  I was in other rooms during my stay when I would meet up with friends and they all had them and I did call and ask that they bring me one and they never did but they did bring a thin peach colored blanket.  The blanket was pretty thin and I just got in the habit of turning off the AC when I went to bed.  The resort was all decked out for the Holidays and it look wonderful.  I walked over to the Beach Club Resort one morning and took some photos of the lobby. There are plenty of sit down options for dining at the Yacht CLub Resort and the attached Beach Club Resort. If you are looking for a quick service eatery to use the dining plan then there are not as many options. If you have a chance to stay at or visit these resorts and walk around you will not regret it especially during the Holidays. If you have any questions about a Disney vacation contact me at KellyR@travelwiththemagic.com or call me toll free at 1-800-670-4312 ext 123.






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