Add some Disney Magic to your Christmas….


         What puts your family in the Christmas spirit?  Many activities put my family in a Christmas state of mind – wrapping presents, baking, and especially putting up holiday decorations.  For most families, holiday traditions reflect memories from Christmases gone by.  This is certainly true for any family who has spent Christmas at Walt Disney World.  The joy of the holiday season, combined with the magic of Disney creates Christmas memories that we will cherish forever.

          Although we would all love to spend every Christmas at Walt Disney World,  finances, schedules, and other obstacles might get in the way of this dream.  But everyone can bring a little of the Disney Magic into their homes, creating their own unique holiday experiences.  How can we do this?  Here are a few ideas.

small Disney Holiday tree

          If you have been to Disney at the holiday season, you know that there are beautiful Christmas trees everywhere.  Unique themes and decorations make each tree a delight to see.  Why not make a uniquely Disney tree in your home this Christmas?  You can use a big or small tree, depending on the space you have available.  Using ornaments that you have purchased on Disney vacations, character decorations you can pick up at chain stores, like Walgreen’s or Walmart, or ornaments your family makes (Mickey head ornaments would be especially easy to create, even for young ones), you can make create your own slice of Disney holiday magic, right in your own home.

Mickey Mouse & Jack Skellington

          Under your beautiful Disney tree, you can also add some Disney magic with character themed wrapping paper.  Classic characters, such as Mickey and Donald, our favorite princesses, and new friends like Wreck It Ralph are all featured on wrapping paper this year.  Who wouldn’t love to find a gift under the tree wrapped in their favorite characters?

          At the end of a busy day, sit back and enjoy your Disney decorations while enjoying another great Disney holiday tradition – gingerbread cookies and cocoa.  Walt Disney World at the holidays is a wonderland of gingerbread houses and other creations.  Delicious gingerbread cookies are sold throughout the parks.  You can easily recreate these cookies at home using your favorite gingerbread recipe, or even a pre-made gingerbread mix.  Use Mickey Mouse cookie cutters and other Disney decorations to make some fun and delicious holiday treats.

Snow White cookie cutters

          These are just a few ideas of how you can bring some Disney magic to your holidays.  There are many other ways that you can incorporate the Happiest Place on Earth into the most wonderful time of year.  Just be creative, have fun, and enjoy.  Here’s hoping that you and your family have a truly magical holiday!

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