Great Deal on Great Photos with Disney’s Photopass+

            Nothing captures the magical memories of your Disney vacation like Photopass photography.  Although I had traveled to Walt Disney World many times, my family had never really used the Photopass services.  Throughout all of the Disney parks, and at several of the resorts, you can find Photopass photographers who will happily take beautiful and unique photos of your family.  These images are recorded and can be viewed and accessed at any Photopass kiosk or online, using the Photopass card provided to you.  It wasn’t until a dear friend showed me some of her amazing Photopass photos that I realized what a great opportunity I was missing out on.  For the last several trips, my family has taken many photographs with Disney photographers, and everyone that sees them compliments us on what excellent pictures they are.

            So as I began planning our summer trip to Walt Disney World, I was excited to learn about a new program that Disney was offering called Photopass+.  This new program offers all of the traditional benefits of the Photopass program, with some new and exciting additions.  For $199.95 purchased at the park, $169.95 preordered online, or $159 when added to your package by your Travel with the Magic vacation planner.   Photopass+ users receive a cd containing all of the photos taken by Disney photographers, plus photos from select dining locations AND all of the attraction photos taken at the park!  Also included in the package is an extensive library of stock photos of characters and park attractions.  I was impressed by the deal and immediately preordered my cd.  Shortly thereafter, I received a package consisting of a cd of stock photography, a coupon with the redemption code to order my photo cd after my trip, and a voucher for my Photopass+ lanyard.  If you add the PhotoPass+ to your vacation package, your vouchers will be waiting for you when you check in at your resort.  I was ready to go and excited!

            When we arrived, we were easily able to obtain our Photopass+ lanyard at the park. We then used this throughout the parks.  On a few occasions, we split up and got new Photopass cards.  These photos were easily added on to the Photpass+ lanyard, so all of our pictures were in one spot.  We found that Photopass photographers were especially attentive when they realized that we had Photopass+.  A great photographer at Blizzard Beach took our family to two different locations for group shots and took individual shots of each family member.  We also found that Photopass+ was a real savings when it came to specific dining photography.  We were able to get family shots from Chef Mickey’s and Hoop-De-Doo Review for no additional charge.  Just these photo packages would have cost nearly $60, but instead, we spent nothing!

            By far, the greatest fun my family had with Photopass+ was on the attraction photography.  My children had always asked to purchase these pictures, but we never had before.  At $14.95 per photo, this was just not budgeted into our trip.  They were so excited that they could have, not just one, but ALL of their ride shots this trip.  I must say, that these are some of my favorite trip photos and make me laugh whenever I see them.

tammy 1

            When I got home, I had great fun going through our pictures.  Another benefit of Photopass+ is that you can take any individual photo and turn it into many more by cropping, adding borders, and personalizing it in any way you wish.  I also loved that I didn’t have to decide what photos to order right at that moment.  I simply ordered my cd and made decisions later about which photos to print.  This came in especially handy when choosing a photo for our Christmas card.  My whole family sat down and took our time choosing a photo that we all liked.

            All in all, I found Photopass+ plus to be an amazing deal.  With stock photography, park photos, and dining and attractions pictures, we were able to get more than $500 worth of photos for $169.95.  Photopass+ is a great deal on great photos, and an excellent way to capture the wonder of any Disney vacation.

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