Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom


Does defeating Disney villains sound like fun to you?  Well, Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom might just be the game for you.  The first thing you need to do is head on over to the Firehouse on Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom park and get your very own sorcerer training.  You will receive a master key card, a map, and a pack of five cards.  A cast member will then show you what a portal is and demonstrate what to do.  When your card is scanned, Merlin from The Sword and the Stone will accompany you along your way in this interactive game.  He will ask you to cast spells to defeat villains at various portals throughout Magic Kingdom.  You will hold up one of your spell cards in front of the portal and be on your way to becoming a Master Sorcerer.  When you are finished at a portal, it will show you which portal to go to next.  You will be able to locate the portals on your map.  There are about 10 evildoers to defeat on your journey.  How much does this game cost?  It is FREE!  Each day you return to Magic Kingdom make sure you go by the Firehouse and pick up another pack of cards.  There are about 70 different cards to collect for use in this game.  You might even meet up with some of your fellow Sorcerers and do a little card trading.  I hope you have a blast with this amazing experience!

Michelle Terry


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