Disney Cruise Line’s Enchanted Garden


Disney Cruises are nothing short of amazing in all aspects: the detail of the ships, the shows, the restaurants, the food… Oh, can we please talk about the food? I have never eaten as much food as I have on a Disney Cruise!

The only thing better than eating the food is the atmosphere in which you do it! There are 3 Main Dining restaurants on Disney’s Cruise ships. One of them is called Enchanted Garden. Located on Deck 2 of the Dream and Fantasy, this beautiful restaurant will have you “ooh-ing and aah-ing” before you even walk in.

Your servers will greet you with a smile at the entrance and take you to your seat. On your way there you will notice some of the seating areas look like oversized, round chairs.


But the one thing that will grab your attention is the enormous, 7 foot tall fountain in the middle of the room…topped off with a stone Mickey Cherub. The décor is inspired by the gardens of Versailles and completely overtakes you from floor to ceiling…literally.


The ceiling of this restaurant is something you’d have to see to believe. Look up at the “sky” and you will feel like you are right smack in the middle of a gorgeous garden. As if that’s not enough to look at throughout your meal, the sky transforms above you while you eat – from a daylight sky, to a pretty sunset and finally to a starry night. Even the light fixtures transform with the scenery. Flowers bloom and the entire room changes from day to night. Amazing!


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at Enchanted Garden. Breakfast and lunch buffets are only available on certain days of your cruise. Your Personal Navigator (daily cruise schedule) will have more information as to what those days are. During lunch, the restaurant offers open seating. This means that you are welcome to sit anywhere you like.

Dinner at Enchanted Garden is a 4-course meal. There is something on the menu for everyone (including those picky kiddos- and even the pick adults!)…and what a menu it is! The best part – it’s included in your cruise cost so there’s no need to bust out the wallets!

For the most part, there is no additional cost for beverages – the exception being bottled water, drinks from the bar and specialty coffee. Regular coffee, soda, milk and juice are all covered!

Dinner starts with Apps, Soups and Salads such as:  North Atlantic Lobster Ravioli, Thyme and Garlic Brioche, Curried Carrot and Apple Soup or a Romaine Wedge with Creamy Romano Dressing and Homemade Spiced Croutons. Do I have your attention yet?

How about some of the Main Course menu items? Let’s start with my favorite:


Grilled NY Strip Steak with Thyme Roasted Vegetables, Double-baked Potato topped with handmade Herb Butter.

Glazed Portobello Mushrooms with Brown Lentil and Parsley Sauce and Sun-dried Tomato Cream Drizzle.

The Enchanted Garden Tuna Salad (Sushi Grade seared Tuna on Organic Field Greens, Micro Greens, Wakame and Squid Salad, Sesame Seeds and White Shoyu and Lemon Vinaigrette).

 Marjoram Scented Organic Chicken Half a Chicken served with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Sautéed Baby Spinach

 Let’s not forget about dessert! Who could forget dessert?

Try the Sweet Temptations – A trio of Esterhazy Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Silk Mousse. Or maybe the Almond Meringue soaked in Maraschino Liqueur and layered Pastry Cream or the Banana Foster Sundae (Rum-glazed Bananas, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, and Caramel Sauce).

Now I’m hungry!

Disney Cruise Line has some of the most elaborate restaurants you will ever see. Have you eaten in one of them?

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