Who knew Terror could be so much fun

I don’t know if it’s my love of Hollywood or my love for Disney but when I took part in the Tower of Terror attraction I was taken from 2012 to 1939. I’m not sure if you know the premise behind this incredible attraction so let me fill you in. This Twilight Zone Inspired attraction feels true to life as you enter. The story goes something along the lines of 5 unfortunate souls are at the Hollywood Hotel on Halloween night in 1939, they are in the hotel elevator when a storm come through and they are never seen again…strange yes, but it makes for an incredible attraction that often has long wait times. The fastpass is a definite to insure your ticket on the mysterious elevator.
As you approach the ride you will walk through a dusty library that looks abandoned and you will be greeted by a bell hop however it is not your normal friendly greeting so prepare yourself for great acting and a feeling of terror. It’s fun but I must say every time I ride this ride I get that scary feeling in my stomach. The fun kind but definitely a sense of “Do I really want to get on this elevator”?
When the ride opens and you enter the elevator you will buckle in be ready for a ride, a fun little fact is that you never have the same sequence so you can ride time and time again and never be able to tell weather your going up or down. As the ride starts you get start in complete darkness, when the door opens you will find yourself in the the hallway which explains the unfortunate event that lost 5 souls. You will not know if your dropping to the ground or sailing  13 stories to the top of the elevator. It is really the ride of a lifetime and one that makes great memories, I would suggest not eating before you ride it. It is definitely a ride for people of all ages however it might be a little much for children under 9.
When you finish the ride and are “released” back to the real world you will go through a gift shop filled with lots of memorable trinkets  don’t forget to take a look at your picture from the ride, even if you do not purchase it, it is sure to make your day!
If you would like some help getting to Hollywood Studios please contact me for help at 1-800-397-4674.
Amy Blades

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