Secrets of Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom

Tucked away in the back of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is a tiny land with many secrets. A visit to Liberty Square is more than a visit to the Haunted Mansion or a ride on the riverboat. Take some time to explore and you’ll find a treasure of details and secrets.

There is a time period progression from the Haunted Mansion down to Frontierland. The Haunted Mansion is fashioned after the houses along the Hudson River in New York in the early 1700’s. There is an area with a succession of buildings, each with a front door. The addresses on the doors are two digits. Put an 18 in front of the numbers and you get the timeframe for that particular building.

liberty square 1

Along with the time period progression there is a geographical progression in Liberty Square. It starts in on the east coast with the Haunted Mansion and moves west. Watch the progression in style as you move towards Frontierland (American west).

Columbia Harbor House restaurant is technically located in Fantasyland and Liberty Square. Inside the restaurant, closer to Fantasyland, the restaurant is themed to Europe. As you move through the restaurant and out the door into Liberty Square the décor changes to early American.

liberty square 2

Notice the shutters in Liberty Square are all hung at an angle. This is because there was virtually no metal shipped to America from England during the Revolutionary War (they didn’t want it used for bullets). The colonials would use the metal off of the shutters for ammunition and then hang the shutters with leather. After a period of time the leather straps would stretch and the shutters would hang at an angle.

Since there was no plumbing in Colonial times you won’t find any restrooms in Liberty Square!

Look for the replica of the House of Burgesses complete with the “two if by sea” lanterns hung in the upper window.

The Liberty Tree located in the middle of the area is over 100 years old. It holds 13 lanterns, one for each of the original colonies.

In 1976 each state received a replica of the Liberty Bell in celebration of the Bicentennial. Since Pennsylvania already had the original they weren’t sure what to do with the replica so Walt Disney World asked if they could have it for the Magic Kingdom. Pennsylvania agreed and the replica now sits in Liberty Square. Florida is the only state with two replicas made from the cast of the original Liberty Bell.

There are genuine presidential artifacts located in the lobby of the Hall of Presidents. In fact it’s a federally recognized presidential museum. Make sure you take the time to see this wonderful show.

liberty square 3

The area around the Diamond Horseshoe is supposed to represent St Louis. The small offshoot stream that runs into the Rivers of America is known as the “Little Mississippi”.

Next time you visit this quaint little area of the Magic Kingdom make sure to check out all of the details!

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