Kid’s Nite Out

As you know, Disney World is a wonderful place but days upon days morning until night with your children can be exhausting at times. I have two words of advice for you. Date. Night. Let me fill you in on a little secret I recently discovered…Kids Nite Out.

Whether you are looking to celebrate a special anniversary, get pampered at the spa, go on a tour, play a round of golf, or just want to get a break from your precious little angels for a few hours, Kids Nite Out has you covered. Kids Nite Out offers a wonderful sitter service where a professional caregiver will come to your hotel room. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!


Some Disney resorts offer children activity centers which are wonderful but children must be at least 3 years old and potty trained. This was the issue I had when my husband and I wanted to enjoy a nice meal out to celebrate our anniversary. We were at Disney and our youngest was 2 and not potty trained. Kids Nite Out will watch children as young as 6 weeks old up to 12. Problem solved! They are not a Disney owned company but they are the exclusive in-room childcare provider. They not only serve Disney hotels but many hotels in Orlando and are also the in-room childcare provider for Loews Hotels at Universal Studios as well.

I should mention, I’m very picky over who watches my children. I rarely use a baby sitter while at home and have issues trusting someone with my children but I was referred to Kids Nite Out and was assured they were good. I decided to give it a go. Our resort was nearby so what did I have to lose? I made a dining reservation at Narcoossee’s and then I called Kids Nite Out. I love the message that you are greeted with over the phone. It has a woman with a lovely British accent. I just couldn’t help myself from envisioning The Nanny knocking on my hotel room door. After going through the options I spoke with a very nice professional who immediately made me feel like my children would be in good hands.

Their rates are hourly and vary depending on how many children there are, for instance:

1 child is $16/hour

2 children are $18.50/hour

3 children are $21/hour

4 children are $23.50/hour

*There is a 4 hour minimum as well as a transportation fee of $10, tip and possibly a meal (if over 8 hours). Cancellations must take place prior to 24 hours.

One important thing to note is no water activities are allowed so no swimming at the pool and no baths. The sitter we had was very professional and she had a background as a special education teacher which I really appreciated. She had a suitcase full of goodies for the kids to keep busy with and my husband and I went on our way!

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We had a wonderful date night, just the two of us…ahhhh. When we got back to the room, there were our kiddos, tucked in bed sound asleep. The sitter had detailed notes on what they did which put my mind at ease. The next day the kids raved about their sitter and told me all about the activities they did in the room. They played all kinds of games, blew bubbles, played ball, ate dinner and had a blast. It was definitely a win win for sure!

What really sold me on Kids Nite Out was when we returned to Disney the following year. The kids actually begged us to get a sitter to come to the room again. This will definitely be a tradition for our family. It allows the kids to have fun and it gives adults a nice, enjoyable time away. I highly recommend giving it a try!

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As a side note, Kids Nite Out does offer other services as well including pet setting and equipment rental. Caregivers can also be a parent’s helper at the park if you would like some extra help. Not only are they located in Orlando but also in Anaheim as well.

If you are planning a Disney vacation and would like some assistance, I’ll be more than happy to help! Feel free to contact me at

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