On our last visit to Walt Disney World, my son was mesmerized…by the characters, the shows and also by the remote control cars. Did you know that you can build your own cars in Downtown Disney? In the back of Team Mickey is a car lover’s dream! Here you can create a model or remote control car.



Kids (and adults) can customize their own car piece by piece. Be prepared to spend some time here, parents. There are LOTS of options… In fact, there are more than 650,000,000 different ways to create your car! Once you have the pieces you want to use, a cast member will use their tools to put the cars together.


This is a great place to check out if you are traveling with that teenager who doesn’t seem interested in the “kid stuff”, but don’t be surprised when your little one wants in on the action as well. Once you create your masterpiece there is an area for you to test out your speed and check out everyone else’s ride. We watched cars drive around for what seemed like an hour. It was a great way for the kids to chat with each other and show off their cars. The final product is a little on the expensive side (few are less than $50 when put together) but the look of pride on those little faces is well worth it.


Tip: You will need to put your cars away before leaving the store. They don’t allow you to drive them around Downtown Disney.

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