Infant Disney Touring Essentials

Now that you have made the decision to take your infant on a Disney vacation, there are some must have items that I felt helped us have the best and most magical experience possible with our little guy! Below I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite infant Disney touring essentials!

travelwiththemagic-infanttouringessentials (2)

1. BOOK BAG-Instead of your typical over the shoulder diaper bag try using a regular back pack. Not only are they roomy, BUT will help you or one of the other people in your party have the option to carry it over both shoulders while exploring the parks or in line.

2. MOMMY HOOK- A mommy hook is a stroller accessory designed to hold basically anything that you can hang from it such as a diaper bag, camera, sippy cup, or baby toys. (OR shopping bags full of Disney items for the baby of course!)

3. STROLLER COVER-Every time we have gone to Disney it has rained, AND of course you don’t let that stop you from having a magical time! A stroller cover is great to make sure all baby items stay nice and dry while you are enjoying an indoor attraction where strollers are not prohibited.

4. WATER MISTING FAN- These are not really made just for babies, but they come in handy to keep your baby cool while napping in the parks. We tied a couple to the sides of the stroller.

5. BABY CARRIER- There are places such as lines for attractions where strollers are not permitted. A baby carrier could save you a sore back during those long wait times and give your baby a different view!

In my travel experience these items are essential to touring Disney with a baby! Need more tips for traveling to Disney with an infant? Call me! I would love to help! Contact me at, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.

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