Coasters at SeaWorld Orlando

When most people think of SeaWorld, the first thing that comes to mind is Shamu. While that is an amazing part of the SeaWorld experience, those seeking some adrenaline pumping roller coaster experiences can also get some action. My kids absolutely love the roller coasters at SeaWorld.

atlantis_new (2)

Journey to Atlantis

This ride combines the thrill of a roller coaster with some soaking wet fun. You are loaded in a boat and off you go on water and high-speed rails to explore a sunken city. My kids wanted to ride this roller coaster over and over during our first visit to SeaWorld. You will not be disappointed. This is a mild roller coaster that is suitable for those 42” or taller.



This roller coaster, named after a sea serpent, is meant to be for the more daring. If loops, dives, corkscrews, and drops are your thing, then this is the coaster for you. This is definitely a more thrilling ride and is suitable for thrill seekers 54” or taller.



Last but not least, is Manta. This coaster lets you soar and dive in air like a ray in the water. This ride is fast and intense with many loops, twists, and nosedives. What I loved about this ride was that it was extremely smooth as if you were gliding. I must admit that this was my favorite ride at SeaWorld. This ride is for those 54” or taller.

While the marine life is an important part of the SeaWorld theme park, there is also plenty of excitement for the thrill seekers. Let me help you be a part of the fun by planning your next vacation to Orlando, FL.

Michelle Terry


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