Kidcot Fun Stops


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I will confess…I am a huge Epcot nerd. It’s my favorite theme park in Disney World! I work with clients planning their Disney vacations and I’m always surprised when someone says they don’t want to go to Epcot. What?! I sometimes hear “there’s not enough for my kids to do there”, “I remember being bored there when I went 25 years ago”, “isn’t that the educational park?”. Please say it isn’t so. Epcot is awesome! It is a theme park where there are so many things to do yet many guests walk right on by some of the best activities, in a hurry to get on a ride. Did you know in addition to some great rides, you can also taste beverages from around the World, create your own roller coaster and then ride it on a virtual simulator, play in jumping water fountains, conduct music with your hands, become a secret agent and go an interactive adventure, experience what it’s like to be in a hurricane, go on a piggy bank adventure, enjoy musical bands, I could go on and on. One of the activities my family enjoys doing is participating in Kidcot Fun Stops.




Kidcot Fun Stops can be easy to overlook. They are simply a table that’s set up in each of the 11 showcased countries along Epcot’s World Showcase. The tables will have paper Duffy bear cutouts and sharpie markers. At each table children (or I suppose adults too if they want) can color in their Duffy bear cutout. While they are making their masterpieces, there are Cast Members located at each of the Kidcot Fun Stops from that particular country. The idea is to go from country to country and meet with different Cast Members who will tell you about their particular native land. Not only will your kids have fun doing a craft, they’ll get a free souvenir and they get to learn about each country. OK, so maybe Epcot is educational but it’s fun as well! Each Cast Member will stamp the Duffy paper cutout on a stick with that particular country’s stamp so you can collect them all. Kids will enjoy creating their works of art and you can get some downtime or perhaps even learn a thing or two yourself! Next time you’re in Epcot, slow down and give the Kidcot Fun Stops a try!


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A Little bit of Disney Magic Created with Water!

       Some of the things I love most about Disney World and what I feel makes it special is its uniqueness, attention to detail and element of surprise.  It’s all about the little things.  The unexpected. For example, on a recent trip, we happened to stumble upon not one, but three of these pieces of water art!

     The first time I was able to witness these artists in action we saw a gentleman dressed as a custodian carrying a broom and bucket, dressed in janitor attire.  I immediately knew what he was about to do because I had read about it being the Disney nerd I am.  I stopped to watch as most guests kept walking by not paying any attention, which is easy to do when you are in a theme park.  At first, it looks like he’s cleaning but then you start to notice he’s actually drawing, only you can’t tell what it is at first.

     That’s where the fun begins.  We enjoyed watching and taking turns guessing which character it was going to be.  I will admit to being wrong with each guess.  As he continued to draw, more guests began to take notice and pretty soon he had a little crowd anxiously awaiting to see the finished product.


     It added a little bit of spontaneity and surprise when we weren’t expecting it.  It provided some entertainment and awe in something as simple as a bucket of water.  Something only Disney could do at it’s best.


     The next time you are visiting Disney World, I encourage you to slow down and take time to witness the “smaller” things.  You never know what you might discover!

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