Ever wonder what family fun activities there are on board a Disney Cruise that really is a lot of fun for the entire family? Well, wonder no more – BINGO! While cash prizes are awarded, and the winner for all games must be over 21, this does not stop the families from joining in on all the fun of listening for each number and waiting to call out “BINGO”!


Now I remember playing Bingo as a youngster on paper cards with pieces of corn as the markers, or plastic cards with little slide windows to cover up the number and even paper cards where you use markers, or dobbers to cover up the last number called. Well, you know Disney, they don’t do it like that on the cruise ships.

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If you want to play just a few cards for starts, you can purchase a sheet with 3 cards for each game. There will be a different color sheet for each game, so you do get new numbers each time around. No markers, no corn, no windows. You simply poke the pre punched cut out in each square and fold. Poke and Fold they like to refer to it. These are great cards for the kids to share.

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Now, if you want to really up your chances of winning, you want to enjoy the latest and greatest gadget to the Bingo World! This amazing machine does it all. Keeps track of your top four cards, can hold up to 40 cards information, and all you do is sit back, relax and wait for it to flash, cause when it does, you have a BINGO!!

So what do you win exactly? Well, times do change and I’m sure the prizes will from time to time as well, but “typically” each game has a cash pay out based on the number of cards sold. “Typically” the first game is the lowest pay out and just gets better from there. The final game of the sitting is a cover all. If you manage to cover your entire card in 48 numbers or less, you can win some serious cash. In most cases, there is not a winner day one, and this cover all kitty carries over from drawing to drawing. They HAVE to give it ALL away the final game. I’ve seen one person win $8000. The final game, final day they play until someone wins. So no limit on how many numbers called before you win the large cash prize.

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What makes a Bingo session even more exciting are the Cruise Staff. These are the most energetic, fun-loving people you will most likely encounter on the cruise. They are there to provide you a great experience. There will be little prizes in between games as well, sometimes spa treatments, Disney Collectibles, excursions at a port coming up. All kinds of exciting gifts just waiting to be given away.

So next time you are on a Disney Cruise, don’t be shy. Check out your daily Navigator, find out when and where Bingo will be held that day and stop in for a game. Drinks and snacks are typically available for purchase as well. Good Luck!

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