Grand Floridian Resort – Royal Palm Club

I have many people ask me why I like to stay at the Grand Floridian Resort concierge level. I tell them it’s the service and convenience that concierge has to offer.

It’s nice to wake up early and get our breakfast quickly so we can get to the parks at opening time. The lounge is set up with many items to chose from. They have bagels, fruit, cereal, pastries, hot coffee, tea, etc. It’s so nice to be able to walk out of our room and go to the 4th floor quickly to get started on our day.

The concierge Cast Members are a big part of the reason why we come back time after time. They are delightful and willing to help you with all their effort. If you need to change a dining reservation or make a last minute one, they are there to help. They can help guide you to which park you would like to do for the day, or give you great suggestions on restaurants, entertainment or help plan out your day. If you have a question on any aspect of Disney World, they know the answer. These are cast members who love their job and do it well.

The afternoon tea is my most favorite time of the day. It’s a time to relax after visiting the parks in the morning and come back for a cup of tea and scones. I feel that I am transported back in time where elegance and old charm is surrounding me. The ambiance of the Grand Floridian helps immerse you in that time travel.

gf scones

As we wind down to the evening, the evening offerings are a delight. They change nightly and make a great appetizer before you head off to dinner. Also, the wine a beer offerings are very impressive.

gf cordials (2)

I must not forget desert. It’s a great way to end the evening with chocolate covered strawberries and mini deserts…and of course, the evening cordials to help you nod off to sweet dreams.

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