Port Orleans Resort – Sassagoula River Boats

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Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts sits on the Sassagoula River. The Sassagoula River is a 2 ½ mile river that connects Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts, Old Key West Resort and Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa to Downtown Disney. Each resort has their own boat system to take passengers to and from Downtown Disney. On our vacation in April, we stayed in a preferred room at Port Orleans Riverside. It was a quick walk to the boat dock. We waited a few minutes to board a boat and were on our way to Downtown Disney to do some shopping. It was about a 20 minute boat ride from Port Orleans Riverside to Downtown Disney. The boat from Port Orleans Riverside stops at Port Orleans French Quarter first before arriving at Downtown Disney.

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When we arrived at Downtown Disney, the boat docked right near the Rainforest Café Restaurant and Cap’n Jack’s Restaurant. The boats run from 10am – 11:30pm. If you miss the last boat, the bus systems run till 2am. It there is bad weather, they will stop running the boats.

While at Downtown Disney, you will see other boats. You can tell the difference by the flags that are flown on the front of the boats. The yellow flag is for the boats that go to and from Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts. The other color flags are: red, blue and green. The red flags are for the boats that take you from the marketplace to the west side (near Cirque de Soleil). I would suggest taking the boat one night so you can see the lights at Downtown Disney. The blue flag boats depart the Pleasure Island dock to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. The green flag boats also depart the Pleasure Island dock and take you to Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

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If you would like to sit back, relax and enjoy a cruise down the Sassagoula River, contact me at: Karen@travelwiththemagic.com or my facebook page.