T-REX… A Prehistoric Family Adventure

When I ask my son to tell me the coolest restaurant he’s ever been to, his answer is T-REX.  Located in the Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney, this is not your average restaurant.  From the minute you step through the entrance you’ll feel instantly transported back in time complete with a 15 foot tall T-Rex and other life-sized creatures.


Let’s start with the food (I like to eat)…

T-REX serves lunch and dinner (American cuisine) with a bit of prehistoric attitude. Here you can find chicken, steak, seafood, pasta and many different specialty drinks. Whether you’re in the mood for a “Neanderthal New York Strip Steak”, “Layers of the Earth Lasagna” or a “Prehistoric Smoothie”- you’re sure to find something for everyone. Reservations are suggested at this location as it is a popular place for a sit down meal. One table service credit is required on your Disney Dining Plan.


Now, let’s move on to the atmosphere.  There are so many cool details here that I don’t know where to begin.  You will be seated in one of a few different rooms- each having their own theme.  In the undersea room, be sure to notice the 13 ft. wide octopus that seems to envelope the bar area;  its tentacles stretch up to the ceiling. Jellyfish hang from the ceiling and aquariums surround this area.


Animatronic insects move and buzz in the prehistoric insect room.  The blue and pink ice age cave is home to animatronic wooly mammoths that seem to watch as you eat.



The dinosaur area is also home to a gift shop. Here you will find the perfect souvenir for your little paleontologist. They can Build-a-Dino (T-REX partners with Build-a-Bear Workshop – the dinos are super cute!) and check out lots of cool prehistoric merchandise.  Paleo Zone is an area where kids can dig for dinosaur fossils and play on interactive screens. Panning for precious gems and stones and splitting geodes is also fun in Discovery Creek.


As if the atmosphere alone weren’t cool enough here, every 20 minutes a 2 minute meteor shower takes place in the “sky”. When this happens, asteroids fly through the sky and every animal in the restaurant roars, screams and basically goes bananas! The ice age room glows from blue or pink to an orange color.  This is meant to signify the ice melting. A word of warning: We did witness a few very young children who did not like the meteor shower and found it a bit scary…but most children love it!

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