Adult Activities on board Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruises are more for the kids, right? Wrong! There are plenty of reasons to sail on board one of Disney’s 4 cruise ships…even if YOU are the “kid” in your traveling party!

There are tons of activities for adults on the Disney Cruises. Whether you are traveling without children or trying to find something to do while your kiddos are enjoying some kid club time, there are some great ways to relax and enjoy some time with your fellow adults!

  • Adult Dining- Palo is an amazing restaurant serving Northern Italian cuisine and has a beautiful view of the ocean. Adults love the view, food and quiet time that is offered here. No children are permitted.


  • Spa – Who doesn’t love a good massage? The spas on board Disney Cruise Line are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Pamper yourself with a massage, have your hair done in the salon or get your sweat on in the fitness center. A couples villa sounds like the perfect way to spend the day!


  • Pool – Quiet Cove Pool is a fantastic way to escape the business of the ship. This is an adult only area and is a great spot to relax and enjoy the quiet, grab a drink and soak up the sun.


  • Nightclubs – There are multiple nightclubs on board the ships…each with its own theme. Whether you are in the mood for dancing, singing, laughing, relaxing or even watching sports – there is something for you here!


  • Castaway Cay Activities – Castaway Cay is Disney’s own gorgeous, private island. The adult activities don’t end once you step off of the ship. Enjoy a massage out in the open beach air on Serenity Bay. This is an entire beach just for adults and the ultimate way to relax!


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Midnight Dessert Buffet onboard a Disney Cruise


On our first 7 day Disney Cruise, after a few days of enjoying all the amazing food options Disney has to offer on their menu, they offered the Midnight Dessert Buffet. Amazing!  Just when you feel you have seen and tried the best, they offer up yet an amazing display of desserts for you.  I have done several different cruises since, and Disney seems to always do it one better every time we come back.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of some of these creations, you might want to get towards the front of the line, which can very easily start lining up outside the main restaurant close to a half hour ahead of time.  But when they open those doors and you see the massive line up they have to offer, you will be more than happy you were there to see them first, and capture as many photo’s to share with everyone back home, before the creations are all gobbled up.

And of course, Disney always does their best to accommodate everyone’s nutritional needs.  There is a vast variety that are low sugar, or sugar free and are just as sinfully delicious to look at and taste as the rest.

So, when you encounter on a 7 day Disney Cruise, don’t miss out on this one.  There will be plenty for everyone, and certainly options so far out of this world, not one will go untouched.

Private Cabana’s on Disney’s Castaway Cay!

Looking for a bit of a retreat on Disney’s already private island, Castaway Cay?  Well, look no further than the private cabanas nestled between the family beach and the adults only serenity beach.

I was fortunate enough to get one of these on our last Disney cruise and let me just tell you, it did not disappoint!

Once we got off the ship we took the tram to our check in point.  After checking in we were lead to the cabana entrance









And taken to our cabana, we had #12

Our host gave us the run down and showed us the button to push if we needed anything throughout the day and then we went about settling in.

The cabanas have a small refrigerator stocked with water and soft drinks.  There is also a basket with some snacks (we had fruit, chips and granola bars).  You also get sunscreen and towels so there is no need to bring that off the ship if you don’t want to.









There is a living area and some great lounge chairs outside – these things were so comfortable!









And what is a day of relaxation with a hammock?







The price of the cabana also includes floats, sand toys, snorkeling equipment and bicycle rental.  We made use of all of these things except the bike rentals, we just ran out of time!

Maybe the biggest perk to the cabanas though is the private beach, there is no jockeying for chairs or great spots, no bumping into and stepping around other beach goers, it’s just you and the other families in the cabanas.  Our cabana beach looked like this all day….

























Of course all this luxury doesn’t come free.  The cost of the cabanas is $499 for up to 6 guests and you can add up to 4 more for an additional fee of $50 per person.  We shared our cabana with another family which really made it much more affordable and totally worth the expense in our opinion! You can reserve the cabanas online in advance or at the Port Adventures desk on board, word of warning though, they go fast!  If you want to take the worry out of planning your next Disney cruise, just drop me an email at, I’d love to help you plan your trip and my services are free!


Questioning a Disney Cruise….Read on

The Disney Fantasy

Not sure if you want to do a Disney Cruise?  Well neither was I until I recently went on the Disney Fantasy.  All I have to say is WOW.


I had my concerns before I set sail for many reasons…

1.        I get really motion sick.

2.        Would there be enough to do

3.       How was the food going to be

4.       Security


Well only Disney can take all my worries away like MAGIC.  From start to finish it was like magical experience.



When you check into the Disney Cruise they take a picture of you and your cabin members, little did I realize that this is for facial recognition through your whole cruise.  How awesome is that …Where ever you go on the ship they ask your cabin number then instantly your picture pops up.  So not only was there safety but a friendly very personnel connection with you and the cast members.


The kids clubs are also more secure then the best daycares.  When you dock at Castaway, the same team member that works the clubs works the island.  So no worries that your kids will have to re-adjust to someone new.


Those are just 2 of the things that I loved about the security aboard the Disney cruise.


Now onto food…


Well if you have been to Disney then there is no doubt that the food is AWESOME. But how about the ship? Well that is better than fairy dust….


You have rotational dinning which means you have a different restaurant on the cruise every night.  What I thought about this was how cool what I like best is my wait staff that was with me the first night was with me every night so by the 2nd night my cherry coke was waiting for me.  How cool was that.


Next is you can order anything you would like on the menu, if you get it and it’s not what you like well go ahead and pick something else.


My favorite part of the meal is you get to be a family. They serve the kids first and then someone from your wait staff will ask you if you would like them to take your kids to the kids club so that you can finish your meal.  Wow you mean I get family time and adult time and a hot meal all in the same setting.  LOVE THE DISNEY CRUISE!!


So your family isn’t into restaurants ok well how about buffets no schedule needed.  The buffet is open from sunup to sun down and the food has everything you could want from fresh donuts to eggs and fresh seafood to prime rib or just soup and salad.


Not a buffet fan that’s ok there are 2 walk up restaurants by the pool.


Need a snack? Unlimited ice cream, fresh hot cookies and drinks from coffee and tea to soda and juice and milk as often as you would like.


There are a lot of foods to choose from and even the pickiest eater doesn’t go away hungry.


Worried about what to do no problem you will not be board on the Disney ship.


You have so many options as a family you can see the Disney characters, swim in the family pool, watch a movie, catch a live show, golf, and so much more.


As a adult you can visit the adult only pool and lounge, go to the adult only spa and restaurants.


As a kid you will be amazed at the pool area the kids club rock!!  I actually heard kids crying because they had to go back to their parents.


The deck party’s are a lot of fun and the theme nights are awesome.  Aboard the Disney Cruise you get to be a family, adult and a couple all in the same trip.


As for getting motion sick well coming in and out of port moved the boat a little more then I liked but the higher up on the ship I was the better.  So it was really ok.


I had doubts about if a Cruise was right for me and my family but after this I would say that it was awesome and everyone should do it !!  There are so many things that were amazing.  But for me I loved the all in one ADULT, FAMILY, COUPLE idea and kids and adults of all ages will be in awe from start to finish I know I still am…

Castaway Cay – A Hidden Hide-A-Way


Ever wonder where the best little hide-a-way is for a relaxing vacation?  Well, Disney found it in the Bahamas and named it Castaway Cay.  This little private island was once known as Gorda Cay, and is located near Great Abaco Island.

When you arrive to Castaway Cay, which you can only get to on a Disney Cruise Ship, you pull right up next to the island.  One of my favorite things, is you can literally walk off the ship and be on the island, take a step the other way and you are back on the ship!  As you walk your way over to the beach areas, you will pass Marges Barges, home of many different excursions, the Castaway Post Office, and, the one and only, Flying Dutchman!

Castaway Cay has so much to offer!  Like everything Disney does, it caters to all age groups. For the adults that want some private beach time, you can visit Serenity Bay, away from the noise and hustle of the other beach areas, and relax in some quiet beach time, a massage, and even occupy a private ocean front cabana.

Then there is the teens only beach, which has plenty to offer in the water as well as out for teens of all ages.  The Hide Out is a teens-only activity area. Many activities are planned to keep the teens engaged in tons of fun events throughout the day as well.

And, let’s not forget our little ones.  Scuttle’s Cove is a free supervised area for the little ones, provided by Disney counselors.


Along the family beaches there are two in water play areas, Pelican Plunge and Spring-a-Leak.


The food and shopping on Castaway Cay is also something extra special.  There are open-air BBQ dining locations, 2 shops featuring Castaway Cay gifts and souvenirs, as well as a post office where you can mail your friends back home and have the one of a kind post mark from Castaway Cay, Bahamas!


And then there were four

Disney Cruise ships that is. I have had the pleasure of sailing on all four of the Disney Cruise ships since 2009. My first experience was a 3 night sailing on the Disney Wonder in an inside stateroom and it was fantastic. I had not sailed since my honeymoon in 1997 and Disney did not disappoint. Just walking up to the beautiful ship I was in awe. Once we boarded the ship the crew greeted each and everyone and welcomed them aboard by announcing them by name. The atrium of the ship was magnificent; I was like a little kid in a candy story. This cruise spent one day in Nassau and one day at Disney’s Castaway Cay. Castaway Cay is the best part of Disney cruise line. It is a wonderful island oasis that is just for guest of DCL. There is an adult only area which is so peaceful and tranquil for you to relax. There are many activities to take part in as well on the family beach area.


My next experience was on the Disney Magic, this time it was a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise in a Verandah stateroom. The ports were St Maarten, St Thomas and Castaway Cay. Just like the Disney Wonder the Magic was great. The islands are absolutely breathtaking and on the 7 night cruises you have a character breakfast and you rotate through the three dining rooms twice. That is a great thing about DCL; you have different dining experiences each night. This was also the first time I had experienced Palo, the adult only dining experience. I had the best meal ever and the wait staff there was phenomenal. This was also a cruise with my family and the kids had such a great time in the kids clubs we had to pry them out of them each night.

In 2011 the Disney Dream made its debut which is the first of two new ships in the Disney fleet. It is larger and has some features that the Magic and Wonder don’t have. One, being the Aqua Duck, and the other being Remy, another adult only dining experience. This was a four night Bahamian cruise in a Verandah stateroom. I was totally impressed by all of the new technology on board this ship; there were wave phones which help to keep up with your sailing party which is a great plus on a large ship. They also are trying to conserve on this ship by having your stateroom lights off unless you put your room key in the slot near the switch.

Last but not least I had the great privilege of sailing on the Disney Fantasy for a short three night preview cruise prior to its maiden voyage. The Fantasy is the last of the DCL ships and it did not disappoint at all. DCL gets lots of guest feedback and tweaked some things on the new ship that are absolutely fantastic. They revamped some of the adult lounge areas and made more space for adults to relax on the pool deck. Another thing they added to the pool deck is the Aqua Lab which is a water play area for older children and adults alike. My son stayed in the Aqua Lab quite a bit during our cruise. The best part on the Fantasy was dining in Animators Palate. At the beginning of the meal your servers have everyone draw a picture on a special placemat. They then collect them and during dinner your drawings come to life which is amazing. Your actual drawing dance and move right before your eyes and you feel like an animator.

No matter which ship you sail on with Disney Cruise Line you won’t be disappointed. They offer many different sailings from more ports than ever. You can find one to suit you not far from home.

Laure Simms