Mickey’s Philharmagic: Tips for young kids

This attraction is by far one of my favorites throughout all of Disney! My family does Mickey’s Philharmagic several times every time we visit Magic Kingdom. It is located in Fantasyland, just beside Peter Pan’s Flight, and it opened in 2003. It does offer Disney’s Fastpass, although I have never needed it here.

Philharmagic 1

When waiting in line, you will come to the bin containing the yellow 3D glasses for you to pick up. Once you have these in hand, you will be shown to a holding area just before entering the theater. When you are able to walk into the theater, the screen will be on your left, so as you are looking at the doors to the theater, the further to the left you stand, the closer you will be able to get to the front. I personally think the best location for the 3D effects is in the middle of rows 5-7, although of course you will be asked to move all the way down the row before choosing a seat.

Philharmagic 2

This show features the largest seamless projection screen in the world, at 150 feet long and 28 feet high. It is almost a full 180 degrees when the show is in full effect, needless to say, it is pretty awesome! The entire show is about 12 minutes. I do not want to spoil the show for you by telling you everything that happens, but many of the classic Disney characters will make an appearance! The effects during the show, besides the 3D, include wind, water and smell (which smells delicious).

My daughters have been watching this show since my oldest was one. Neither of them have ever been scared at any time, they have always loved it. I have heard on many occasions, some young toddlers cry due to being scared. If you are going for the first time with a young toddler, I would recommend starting out sitting on the far right side of the theater. So when you are entering, go all the way down the row as far as possible. Let your child begin wearing the glasses, and if they act scared, I have seen many kids not wearing glasses at all, and still enjoyed it. All the 3D effects are fun things, nothing scary. At the very end of the show, Donald Duck appears to fly out of the screen using the 3D effects, but then you will hear a crash behind you. When you turn around, you will see that Donald has crashed into the back wall. He will kick his feet, but then give up and “fall into the wall” where he can not be seen. The reason that I tell you this part is because this is the part that usually bothers the most kids from what I have seen. This is the reason I recommended you to sit on the far right side of the theater, so your child will not be close to it and you can exit quickly if needed. It seems that the young kids do not understand this part, and they think he is stuck and hurt, so that is why some kids do not like it. I told both my kids when they were younger that this was going to happen, and they laughed when they saw it, since they were expecting it. I hope this information has helped anyone who is traveling with small kids, as I feel this is a Must Do in the parks!

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