Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival

I have to start off by saying this is one of my favorite times to go to Disney. As my children were young, we never did the Food and Wine Festival so it was time to go on a mom and dad trip only.

As my husband is a foodie, he was really looking forward to this event. An event that you can actually visit approximately 30 countries (no jet lag a plus) and have a taste of their authentic foods and wine.

You start off by getting your passport and a map, and off you go. As you go to each country they stamp your passport. This is a great reminder and keepsake as to which countries you visited. We had to visit a few countries more than once! We loved their food and would not have been able to try it otherwise.

epcot passport 2

Only Disney can actually make you feel like you are visiting each country feel real. The market place booths for every individual country is made to look like a landmark of that country. The cast members are mostly from the country they are representing…which again, puts you in the mode of being there. The food offerings are more of a tapas (small) serving, as they offer 2-3 different types of food, and of course the wine pairing to compliment each. Some countries specialize in beer and this is a must try! (my husband’s favorite)



There is even wonderful entertainment to see which is called “Eat to the Beat” a concert series of popular bands. We saw the Hanson Brothers a few years ago and they were amazing and still going strong! It was nice to see these brothers still making music together.

The dates this year are September 27- November 11. If you are planning to visit Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, I would be happy to help plan your trip and give you some wonderful suggestions!

Georgia Sioutis


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