Great Deal on Great Photos with Disney’s Photopass+

            Nothing captures the magical memories of your Disney vacation like Photopass photography.  Although I had traveled to Walt Disney World many times, my family had never really used the Photopass services.  Throughout all of the Disney parks, and at several of the resorts, you can find Photopass photographers who will happily take beautiful and unique photos of your family.  These images are recorded and can be viewed and accessed at any Photopass kiosk or online, using the Photopass card provided to you.  It wasn’t until a dear friend showed me some of her amazing Photopass photos that I realized what a great opportunity I was missing out on.  For the last several trips, my family has taken many photographs with Disney photographers, and everyone that sees them compliments us on what excellent pictures they are.

            So as I began planning our summer trip to Walt Disney World, I was excited to learn about a new program that Disney was offering called Photopass+.  This new program offers all of the traditional benefits of the Photopass program, with some new and exciting additions.  For $199.95 purchased at the park, $169.95 preordered online, or $159 when added to your package by your Travel with the Magic vacation planner.   Photopass+ users receive a cd containing all of the photos taken by Disney photographers, plus photos from select dining locations AND all of the attraction photos taken at the park!  Also included in the package is an extensive library of stock photos of characters and park attractions.  I was impressed by the deal and immediately preordered my cd.  Shortly thereafter, I received a package consisting of a cd of stock photography, a coupon with the redemption code to order my photo cd after my trip, and a voucher for my Photopass+ lanyard.  If you add the PhotoPass+ to your vacation package, your vouchers will be waiting for you when you check in at your resort.  I was ready to go and excited!

            When we arrived, we were easily able to obtain our Photopass+ lanyard at the park. We then used this throughout the parks.  On a few occasions, we split up and got new Photopass cards.  These photos were easily added on to the Photpass+ lanyard, so all of our pictures were in one spot.  We found that Photopass photographers were especially attentive when they realized that we had Photopass+.  A great photographer at Blizzard Beach took our family to two different locations for group shots and took individual shots of each family member.  We also found that Photopass+ was a real savings when it came to specific dining photography.  We were able to get family shots from Chef Mickey’s and Hoop-De-Doo Review for no additional charge.  Just these photo packages would have cost nearly $60, but instead, we spent nothing!

            By far, the greatest fun my family had with Photopass+ was on the attraction photography.  My children had always asked to purchase these pictures, but we never had before.  At $14.95 per photo, this was just not budgeted into our trip.  They were so excited that they could have, not just one, but ALL of their ride shots this trip.  I must say, that these are some of my favorite trip photos and make me laugh whenever I see them.

tammy 1

            When I got home, I had great fun going through our pictures.  Another benefit of Photopass+ is that you can take any individual photo and turn it into many more by cropping, adding borders, and personalizing it in any way you wish.  I also loved that I didn’t have to decide what photos to order right at that moment.  I simply ordered my cd and made decisions later about which photos to print.  This came in especially handy when choosing a photo for our Christmas card.  My whole family sat down and took our time choosing a photo that we all liked.

            All in all, I found Photopass+ plus to be an amazing deal.  With stock photography, park photos, and dining and attractions pictures, we were able to get more than $500 worth of photos for $169.95.  Photopass+ is a great deal on great photos, and an excellent way to capture the wonder of any Disney vacation.

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The Match Family

What in the world am I speaking of. You know, the families you see walking around in Disney World all dressed alike. I am one of those families. When we first took our kids to Disney World back in 2007 I had done little in the research department and was virtually clueless of how to make the most of my Disney vacation. After that first trip I became an avid reader of all things Disney and one thing I learned is that lots of families wear the same color shirts or even the exact shirt to the parks each day. At first I thought it was kind of dumb, but then I started to see how cool the pictures looked and decided for my next trip we were going to have matching shirts for at least one day. The other bonus to wearing the same color or shirt is that your family is always easy to find if you get separated.

I found a design online and added our names and date of the trip to it. Then I printed the design out on iron- on transfer paper and voila matching shirts. It took me a little while to learn that the iron on transfer paper for dark colors works best and was the easiest to work with. If you are not crafty or don’t have time you can go online to different websites and create a custom shirt just for your family.  For that trip we only had the one matching shirt but I really loved the pictures we took in them and we also got tons of comments from Cast members about our shirts. As most of you know if you look like a cool Disney family you may be the recipient of some extra “pixie dust”.
For our next trip I wanted to have matching shirts for each day so we pulled out our t-shirts that we purchased during some of our other trips. We always buy a new set when we go that all match or match as closely as possible. That trip I think we matched for four of the days so my pictures on those days were great. I can’t wait till our next trip in Feb 2013 to sport some new shirts and get more great pics.

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Finding Pixie Dust

At Disney World when magical things happen, it’s common to bring them up with the words “pixie dust”.  On our last trip, we were lucky enough to be sprinkled with Pixie Dust quite a few times!  Here are some of my favorite moments that we were lucky enough to capture with our PhotoPass photos.

On our very first morning in the parks, we headed straight for Fantasyland.  My oldest wanted nothing more than to ride Dumbo.  Unfortunately, it was raining and Dumbo was closed.  Carrousel, it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight?  No.  So she and my husband went into a shop to kill time while my youngest rode the Carrousel with Grandma.  I snapped some pictures of the younger one riding and having fun and wandered into the shop.  I saw my husband and my daughter staring at Sleeping Beauty’s dress which was changing colors.  She was MESMERIZED.  Then I heard a camera click.  I turned around and there was a Disney PhotoPass photographer taking their picture.  He put his finger to his lips, asking me to be quiet.  When he was done, I handed him my PhotoPass card (while sobbing).  I couldn’t wait to see the pictures!

I was also surprised at how much time the characters took with our kids.  The first interaction I loved was my girls meeting Mike and Sulley (from “Monsters, inc”).  There was NO line and we walked right up.  Our youngest was a little afraid of Sulley but went straight to Mike – where he proceeded to try to get her to dance.  She was so confused!  But he just kept tapping his toes!

Woody and Buzz played tic-tac-toe in our autograph book and took my daughter’s monkey and played catch with him, even though there was a VERY long line.  They treated us like we were the only ones there.

Fawn (the fairy) had my daughters “fly” around the room.  And then, when she saw the Rosetta doll my oldest had and saw how DEVASTATED she was that Rosetta wasn’t there, she made sure she told her that she would talk to Rosetta and tell her she had stopped by.  She also made sure that the Rosetta doll was in the picture.

We also got to witness a Pixie Dust moment for another family.  While in line for Lotso, just as we had gotten to the front and were waiting for him to come back, we were approached by a Cast Member.  The Cast Member asked us if we minded if a Wish Child went ahead of us (a child who was there with Make-A-Wish).  He was scared to death of Lotso, but waved to him.  His family then stuck around for him to see our kids visit with Lotso.  After seeing my girls run to him and hug him, he got a second chance and seeing him hug Lotso is a memory I’ll have forever.

We had prepurchased the PhotoPass CD, so we stopped at every PhotoPass opportunity we had.  And there were a lot of character greetings where a photographer was present.  I’m so glad we did this, as we were able to get a LOT of pictures that I might have missed the “moment” if I had been the one taking the pictures.  By prepurchasing the CD, we saved a little bit of money and were then able to use them to make a photobook for each of the girls and a calendar.  They LOVE looking through the books of their old trips!

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