It’s A Pirate Life for Me!

 I love Disney and everything about it. Well there is one thing that I think they have fallen short of. They don’t have a lot of special things aimed at the male gender. I am the mom of a lovely princess and a very busy pirate. So that had me thinking. When we visit Disney everywhere you look there is Princess themed areas, there are even three character dining experiences for the princess lover in all of us. Don’t get me wrong I love the princess stuff especially since one day I hope to be one.

So back in 2008 I started to think about our next Disney adventure. When would we go and where would we stay. In the past we had done the All Star Movies resort and Pop Century. This time I wanted to do something a little different. I had heard and seen the new Pirate rooms that were opening at Caribbean Beach Resort in 2009. So I thought to myself, what a great thing for your little pirate to experience, a room for the Pirate in all of us. I booked a standard view Pirate Room at Caribbean Beach Resort for Sept 2009. I could not wait to get to experience it with my family.

The rooms at Caribbean Beach are divided into six sets of buildings named after islands in the Caribbean. There is Trinidad North, Martinique which are the Preferred rooms located closest to the main building Old Port Royale. Then there is Aruba and Jamaica located across the water from the main building. Last are Barbados and Trinidad South. All of the rooms in Trinidad South are the Pirate themed rooms.

Each room is 300 square feet of Pirate fun. The beds look just like Pirate ships and everything in them is pirate themed right down to the bed side table. You can get a pirate standard view or pirate water view. We chose the Pirate Standard view room and it was great. We were a few steps from the bus stop and the quiet pool. I have heard from others that they wished that Pirate rooms were closer to Old Port Royale but we did not have an issue at all.

One of the other great things about Caribbean Beach resort is the main feature pool area. It is totally Pirate themed complete with two slides. It is a zero entry pool which is great when you have little pirates just getting their feet wet for the first time. There is also a great kiddie’s water play area that has a giant bucket that pours water down on all ye swashbucklers below.
We really loved our stay at Caribbean Beach Resort and I would recommend the Pirate rooms to anyone who has a little pirate in their family

For more information on Caribbean Beach resort or any other Disney Destination contact me Laure Simms at or toll free at 1-888-214-6954. Have a Magical Day!!!