Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life


The 15th Anniversary of the Animal Kingdom Park inspired me to write about the Tree of Life. The park opened on April 22, 1998, it is Walt Disney World’s 4th theme park located in Orlando, FL.  Along with the opening came the unveiling of the iconic Tree of Life. The tree is located on Discovery Island. The island is the central hub connecting all of the lands in Animal Kingdom. The only area not connected is Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

The park is the largest of all of the Disney theme parks, coming in at over 500 acres.


The Tree of life is a whopping 145 foot tall, 50 foot wide park icon that is a symbol of animal conservation, creativity and beauty. The tree was designed by more than a dozen artisans. There are more than 325 animals intricately carved into the roots and branches at the base of the tree. The tree also has over 103,000 leaves attached to 8000 branches that bend & sway like regular trees.  To get an up-close & personal look at the carvings, take a walk on the Discovery Island Trail.


The construction of the tree had to withstand the Florida climate that includes hurricanes, winds and massive thunderstorms. The plan was to build a steel structure like that of an offshore oil platform. For the tree to sway it has a giant expansion joint that encircles the tree at each branch. It took 18 months and thousands to construct the tree.  At the base of the tree you will find a 430 seat theatre that plays an 8 minute long 4D movie called, “It’s Tough to be a Bug” based on the Disney Pixar film A Bugs Life.  Starring in the film is Flick, everyone’s favorite Ant and Hopper. Be prepared to wear 3D glasses and become immersed in the show as a human bug.


The Tree of Life is truly amazing. As they say at Disney, this is a “must do attraction”.  Park admission is required.  Are you ready to plan a trip to the World? Let me help you!

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