Mickey and the Magical Map

One of my favorite theme park memories as a kid are the live-stage shows that featured popular animated characters in “real life!” There was a Bugs Bunny show at Six Flags that I looked forward to every summer. And I still occasionally scour YouTube for footage of a lost Shamu stage production from the 80’s in which a young girl fell asleep in an introductory film and then appeared on-stage (as a grown woman in the same outfit) and traveled under the sea with Shamu and a cast of marine life friends. To a 9 year-old kid it was spell binding.




Speaking of spells, while Dream Along with Mickey has been enchanting guests to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, a new live-show at Disneyland maybe magical enough to change some travel plans! Debuting this summer is Mickey and the Magical Map on the Fantasyland stage in California’s Disneyland. This live Broadway caliber spectacle features special exciting musical numbers, astounding digital backdrops and visuals, and of course the star Mickey himself, live in the fur onstage, along with a number of Disney characters. Mulan, Rapunzel and Flynn, and even King Louie get into the swing of things, appearing onstage in rousing musical numbers.




“Magical Map” is a nod to Fantasia as Mickey is back in his apprentice robes, and there’s even a larger than life appearance by Yensid, the powerful wizard from the classic film. Write his name out backwards – I’ll wait. Once again, mischievous Mickey finds himself playing with magic and quickly losing control. For the entertainment and wonder of the audience, of course! Since it is Disney, the strides in technology by Imagineering are not just visible on-screen and around the set. Mickey and King Louie are two of the latest offerings of Disney’s “Living Character Initiative.” These costumes come alive like nothing guests have ever seen before with articulated mouths and facial features, helping Mickey sing, talk, laugh, and interact with the audience! Same goes for King Louie, helping him get ever closer to his dream of being hu-ooh-ooh-man too!



New offerings in the last year have already made Disneyland an exciting destination for travelers. Cars Land and Buena Vista Street at Disney’s California Adventure made it a hot ticket for families. Now with Disneyland’s Fantasy Faire and the debut of Mickey and the Magical Map, there’s no better time to visit Anaheim!

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