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You’re Going to Disney World Again?!?!


I get this reaction quite often so I thought I would take the opportunity to tell what keeps my family coming back to Disney World. After eight visits under our belt, it is still my family’s favorite vacation destination. I get excited when I get to tell others what keeps us going back for more.


I feel magic during our vacation that you can only experience at Disney World. It has a way of making you forget about the real world and feel like a kid again. I am always amazed at the level of detail in everything Disney does. From the architecture and landscape to the hidden mickey’s, Disney definitely has a high standard of excellence in all they do.


We have our favorite rides that we look forward to riding over and over, but we also discover something new each time we visit. Disney is always improving by updating and creating new attractions and shows. Disney World’s most recent major update was the new Fantasyland expansion that I can’t wait to see on my upcoming trip. There are attractions that appeal to all ages.


There are so many places to stay and dine while visiting Disney World. We make each trip unique by staying at a different resort each time we go and have not been disappointed yet. I can sum the food up in one word, “YUMMY”. I am always blown away by Disney’s dining options. Disney has many restaurants to choose from that makes our dining experience a very fun part of our trip. After all the hustle and bustle in the parks, I am happy to sit down and enjoy a nice meal.


With some careful planning, Disney World really can be an affordable vacation. We always take advantage of one of Disney’s discount promotions.


Last but definitely not least are the priceless memories that we make. It is memories of seeing my children’s faces light up. It is seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. I will cherish those memories forever and look forward to making many more.

Disney is just a part of my family! This is a few of the reasons that we keep going back for more. Let me help your family create new memories by planning a magical vacation you will never forget.

I would be glad to help you plan your next Disney family vacation. Contact me for a no obligation quote.

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Disney’s Art of Animation Cars themed family suites

Disney’s new Art of Animation Resort has 4 areas each with their own unique theme – Little Mermaid standard rooms and Cars, Finding Nemo and Lion King themed family suites.  As you enter the grounds of Art of Animation and then enter the lobby, you’ll find plenty of animated references to the 4 films.  There is even a Lightning McQueen sketch signed by John Lasseter (the Disney and Pixar animation legend).


The Cars area features 480 themed family suites.  As you exit Animation Hall, you’ll look directly at the Nemo suites area and pool.  Take a right and you will be instantly transported to Carburetor County where some of your favorite Cars characters welcome you to your new home.

Welcome to Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor County!

Welcome to Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor County!

 The Cars area also has it’s own pool, inspired by Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel from the Cars movies.  The cones are first-come, first-served cabanas that cannot be reserved.  The pool itself is shaped like a wheel well.  There are restrooms/changing facilities in the pool area as well.

Cars area pool

Cars area pool

 The suites at Art of Animation are slightly different than the suites at All-Star Music.  One noticeable difference is the inside hallways to get to your room.  There are SO many details that you won’t want to miss – make sure to check out the light fixtures in the hallways!

Another difference in the Art of Animation suites and the All-Star suites is the set-up of the room.  While the All-Star suites have a master bedroom, a pull out sofa bed and a pull out chair/ottoman, the Art of Animation suites have a master bedroom, a pull out sofa and a table that converts to a bed.  You’ll be sleeping under the stars with Mater in no time!

New Innovabed in a Cars themed suite

New Innovabed in a Cars themed suite

 I LOVE all the little details in these suites.  The kitchenette, nightstands and tv stand/storage look like something you’d find in a mechanic’s garage.  The sofa bed looks like the back seat of a classic car.  Cones are used everywhere.  Both bathrooms (that’s right, 2 bathrooms!) are themed as if you were in a car wash.  Even the coffee table and art on the wall make you feel as if you are staying in Radiator Springs.

Details, details, details in the Cars suites

Details, details, details in the Cars suites

Want to cruise into your spot in Radiator Springs?  I cannot wait to help you plan your MAGICAL vacation to Disney World!  Contact me via email, or call me at 1-800-670-4312, x129.  You can also find me on Facebook!

Walt Disney World…in the rain?


You’ve arrived. You’re in the middle of the Magic Kingdom with your family, soaking in the magic of where you are…and then the sky opens up on you. Great…

BUT- Did you know that there are plenty of ways to enjoy Walt Disney World even in the rain? Don’t panic! This is why you packed those ponchos…

Whether it’s a shower or a downpour, it can’t hurt to have a poncho handy. Before you leave for your vacation, make sure to stop at your local Dollar Store. Often times you can find them 2 to a pack and they are easy to throw in your bag just in case. If it doesn’t rain you can even throw them on for the wet rides (Not me- I like to get wet!). If you’re traveling with a stroller, bringing an extra may not be a bad idea to cover little ones.

So the best thing to do when it rains is to flee the parks and head to Downtown Disney, right? Wrong! Many guests immediately take cover and head for the exit when it starts to rain. If you follow everyone to Downtown Disney you will see that it’s crowded there AND you’re still going to get wet at an outdoor shopping complex.

The show must go on! A little rain doesn’t necessarily mean that Wishes and Illuminations are canceled for the night. You might be surprised to get the best seats in the house for these amazing shows. Also, with everyone leaving the parks, the lines for the attractions will be that much shorter. The theme parks were designed for the rain and were built with Florida weather in mind. Most showers only last about 30-45 minutes, so if you can stick it out you might find yourself getting on those rides pretty quickly.

Rainy days are also a great time to check out some of the other resorts. The monorail is a fun way to visit the Grand Floridian, Polynesian and Contemporary Resorts. Pressed penny machines, arcades and Spas are just a few things you could check out at the different resorts. Animal Kingdom resort (not on the monorail) is also a great resort to visit. There are enough activities at this resort to keep you busy all day!

I’ll bet you’re glad you have character dining booked right about now. Having a sit down meal is a great way to kill some rainy time…and eat too! But it’s even better if you have a character meal booked. A soggy Tigger would probably make for a sad Tigger. In fact, he would likely be hiding from the rain indoors with the rest of his Disney friends. But don’t worry! Your little Pirate or Princess will still be able to find their favorite characters. There are many indoor character spots at the parks making it just as easy to find all of your favorite Disney characters.

There are lots of things to see and do at Walt Disney World when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. The weather can’t change the magic. That’s for sure.

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