Rainforest Cafe – Frequent Diner Club

Recently my son Sean and I had a “boys night out” in which we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, Rainforest Cafe!  We’ve loved eating there ever since our first trip to Disneyland when we had dinner at the Downtown Disney RFC. So we’re fortunate to live close to three other locations to relive a bit of that magic.


I felt compelled to share a little tip! Landry’s Select Club, the “frequent diner club” of Landry’s Restaurant Group, owners of RFC is a dynamite value! The moment you join (one-time membership fee of $25 bucks) you get a Welcome Reward added to your card of . . . $25 bucks!

Plus the card entitles you to 10% off retail merchandise and 10% of food on subsequent visit at any Landry’s property.  So it practically pays for itself immediately and then it’s all about saving cash. Cha-ching!


On top of that, they send you a $25 credit on your birthday as well as the occasional surprise like a free appetizer or kids meal.  Dinner for my son and I cost $10, because I ordered a beer (doesn’t cover alcohol.) Were I not in the club, it would have cost me a lot more!

Why am I bringing this up on a Disney travel blog?  Along with the previously mentioned Disneyland location, there are 3 Landry’s properties at Walt Disney World – 2 Rainforest Cafes and T-Rex Cafe at Downtown Disney.  Joining prior to a trip could get you your credit in plenty of time, meaning 25 less dollars you need to spend on vacation.

Perhaps the biggest value of all, not the savings, not the credit . . . it’s the VIP treatment that little green card affords you.  Club members get priority seating. We showed up around 6:00 pm, the dinner rush on a Friday night, and once I presented that card at the elephant, I was directed right up front, past the irritable hungry hordes,  We were seated in just a couple minutes, ahead of would-be diners who were waiting when we got there, and still waiting as we sipped our drinks! And we were given a six-top table (for the two of us) right next to one of the saltwater tanks. Can’t beat that!


When you’re on vacation and tired & hungry after a day of adventure, that priority seating is almost better than monetary savings!

Take my word for it – if you live anywhere near a Landry’s property, or are going to Walt Disney World soon, join the Select Club.  It is well-worth it!!

Bart Scott  – Bart@travelwiththemagic.com  (800) 670-4312 x 141