Kennedy Space Center

Have you ever wanted to go into outer space?  You can go for the day.  If you are in Orlando, an hour drive away is the Kennedy Space Center.  Just take the Beach Line out to Cocoa Beach.

On our last trip to Cocoa Beach we decided to check out the Space Center.  Your admission pass includes: IMAX space film, Astronaut Encounter (where we heard an astronaut talk about his trip), explore the rocket garden, view the Astronaut Memorial , take a “real” ride on a space shuttle and a bus tour that takes you to an observation gallery and to the Apollo/Saturn V Center (to see a real live space shuttle) .  You can also add on and have lunch with an astronaut, visit the launch pad or get an up close look at the Vehicle Assembly Building.

-The Space Center is currently building a 90,000-square-foot interactive exhibit for The Atlantis space shuttle.  The retired space shuttle was last up in space in July 2011.

If you are lucky enough, you might even be down in Florida for a rocket launch.  We saw one this summer from our pool.  You will never forget hearing the sonic BOOM!


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