Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park

Magical Memories – A ride to remember!

Do you know what draws people to the Animal Kingdom?  It is their majestic safari ride!  If you have not experienced this, you must add it to your “things to do” list on your next trip!

trip to remember

The entrance to the Kilimanjaro Safaris is located in the back left hand corner of the park.  I suggest that you head here first, as soon as you enter the park.  The animals are always out for viewing but I can tell you that they will be more visible before the hot sun gets too high.

 As you get ready to embark on this wonderful journey through the savanna, you will board a large open-aired cargo jeep.  The ride does get bumpy, but that just adds to the excitement for the kids.  Your driver/tour guide does a wonderful job making sure that you can see everything the savanna has to offer.  He/She will take their time meandering their way along the trail, giving you plenty of opportunities to feel like a photographer for National Geographic.  So don’t forget you camera!

 I have experienced this safari ride over 20 times, and I always see something new.  Whether it is 2 baby elephants playing in the water, an ostrich roosting on its nest, or an antelope chasing a giraffe – the safari ride is always an adventure!  The drivers do an incredible job pointing out and describing the wildlife with a wide variety of facts and tidbits that help to make this a learning experience for the kids!

baby elephants

 Disney has done a great job with enticing the animals to stay more visible throughout the day.  If you see a log or a tree stump, the trainers are using that as a feeding bin.  This keeps the giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes, cattle, and zebras closer to the trial for viewing.


 As you leave the safari adventure, don’t forget to take a walk through the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  Here you can see even more wildlife up close.  This is a walking tour that takes you through the shade of the forest with several viewing areas along the way of the okapis, hippos, and gorillas.  This is another chance for you to get some great pictures of the wildlife.


 While walking through the Pangani Forest, your children can have the opportunity to participate in the Kids Discovery Club.  The Kids Discovery Club is a time when one of the animal trainers will take time to teach the children about the variety of wildlife, their behaviors, eating habits, and more. In the picture below, my son and his friend are honing in on some tracking skills – trying to find a rhino.

robert and friend

 So the next time you visit the Animal Kingdom, don’t forget to take some time for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride.  You will have a great time roaming through the savanna and watching the animals in their own environment, interacting with each other.

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