Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits ~ More Than Just Water and Chips!

So you’ve purchased one of the Disney dining plans and have no idea what to do with the multitude of snack credits included in the plan.  Disney’s dining plan brochures list a few examples which include popcorn, soda, water and fruit.  While these are all certainly good choices (because we all know Disney popcorn is the best on the planet!) there are many more interesting ways to redeem your snack credits.

Depending on which dining plan you purchase each person will get 1 – 2 snack credits per night of your trip.  The credits are “pooled” on your account and are not child/adult specific (unlike meals) so for example a family of 4 with 2 adults, 2 children staying 5 nights and using the Disney Dining Plan has a total of 20 snack credits loaded on their account at check in.  You may choose to use as many as you’d like each day until the balance is depleted.  All credits expire midnight of your check out day.

Items that qualify as a snack credit are identified on counter service and cart menus with a purple DDP next to them.

One way to put your snack credits to good use is to use a credit for a pastry.  All of the dining plans include a souvenir mug which includes refills at your resort for the length of your stay.  So, grab some coffee in your mug and cash in a snack credit for a cinnamon roll, chocolate croissant or bagel and – voila – breakfast!   You’ll find most pastries at the resort counter service restaurants as well as the various bakeries throughout the parks are included in the dining plans as a snack credit.  So, breakfast, afternoon coffee break or late night dessert ~ check out those bakeries!

Frozen treats included as snack credits include the infamous Dole Whips in Adventureland as well as various ice cream sundaes at select locations throughout the parks and the classic popsicles such as Mickey bars sold at the kiosks and carts.

You’ll find credits can also be used for favorite theme park snacks such as churros, pretzels, fudge, funnel cakes, cotton candy and nachos.  Just be sure to look for the DDP symbol on the menu as choices vary by location.

If you are fortunate enough to be at Epcot during the annual Food and Wine Festival in the fall you are in luck!  Snack credits can be used for most of the food at the tasting booths throughout the festival.

Each time you use a snack credit your receipt will show how many credits remain.  If you are down to your final hours at Walt Disney World and find yourself with remaining credits no worries!  Most resort gift shops as well as the larger gift shops in each park offer take home snacks that work great as neighbor/co-worker/teacher gifts!  Some options include Disney themed lollipops, Mickey shaped rice krispie treats, Mickey pretzels and fudge.


So have a little fun with those snack credits and make sure you don’t leave any unused!

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