Pick a Pearl, Pick a Memory

I am always in search of the most unique kind of treasures and souvenirs when I travel to Walt Disney World. I collect many different things from Disney pins, vinylmations, bags, t-shirts.  There is one item that is one of a kind and different, that I try to pick one up on my Disney trips, any chance I get!  The Pick a Pearl stand is located in the Mitsukoshi Department Store at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot.  This is where I find a beautiful treasure.

pearl 1 (2)

There is something so exciting about the whole process and it makes it even more special that it is in Disney! When you arrive at the Pick a Pearl stand, you will be given a number and pay for your pearl (around $17 including tax). Your number will be called out when it is your turn to pick out your oyster and find your pearl!

While you wait, you can take a peek at the oysters that are located in two different tanks. I always let my husband pick out our lucky oyster. You can also take some time to check out the jewelry cases that have settings for you to add the pearl into. They have simple settings like earring posts and plain silver necklace charms to set the pearl into, and they also have the more elegant and expensive settings such as gold rings or and fancy pendants. Prices for the settings start around $10, No additional cost is required for the pearl to be added into a setting.

Pearl 3

When they call your number, you will have the chance to pick your oyster and find your treasure. A Cast Member will open your oyster for you.  You will participate in a little ritual involving counting in Japanese. There are so many different types of pearls that you could find: ones with colors (pink, silver, gray, and even a gold tone), a range of sizes or if you are really lucky, you may even find two pearls!

Pearl 4

After your pearl has been taken from the oyster, the Cast Member will get out a pearl measuring device and you will find out how large your pearl is.  The Cast Member will clean it off in a little bowl with fine grain salt. At this time, they will also bang a drum and let everyone there know how big your pearl is and how lucky you are to have found it!

Pearl 2

Once your pearl is bagged, you can head on over to the jewelry case and pick out your special setting. I have gotten two necklace charms and a gorgeous ring. There are so many options that you could choose.  You can pick a new and unique one every trip!  Depending on your setting and how many other pearls have been picked that day, the Cast Member will tell you when to come back and pick up your new treasure, so be sure to plan accordingly. You cannot have this item delivered to your room.

A perfect souvenir to enjoy at the start of your day at Epcot, or even before dinner in the World Showcase or before Illuminations. I would love to help you plan your next trip and have you pick a pearl and see how lucky you can be!