50′s Primetime Cafe

50s primetime cafe outside2wm

If you’re looking for a fun place to dine, be sure to check out 50′s Primetime Cafe, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios near Echo Lake!  As you enter the restaurant, you will immediately be transported into the 1950′s.  You’ll first see themed seating areas, also known as “Dad’s living room” upon entering.  It looks straight out of a living room from any home during the 50′s.  There are so many details so take time to look at everything from the furniture, TV’s, wallpaper, and lots and lots of knick knacks!  It’s always fun to find something that reminds you of your own family’s décor (hopefully from a while back and not as decorated today!).  This place is fun and sure to bring a smile to your face before the dining experience even begins!

50s primetime waiting area

 If you arrive early for a meal or just want to grab a drink and a quick bite to eat, there is a great bar called Tune-In Lounge featuring selections from Dad’s Liquor Cabinet.  You’ll find Dad’s Classic Cocktails, wine, beer and the infamous glowing drinks using Dad’s experimental electric ice cubes.

50s primetime cafe bar

From the way they call your name when your table is ready, you’ll know you’re in for a unique experience.  You will be escorted through the kitchen into a dining room and here’s where the fun begins!  The dining room features a variety formica tables and chairs (and more knick knacks).  Some tables even feature a TV for your viewing pleasure.  You can watch clips from shows such as I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, The Dick Van Dyke show and more.  Note: I recommend requesting a table with TV upon arrival.  No guarantees but it never hurts to ask.

50s primetime cafe table

Remember, you’re part of the family in this home, “Mom’s” doing the cooking and one of your “cousins” will be your server. Be sure to bring your sense of humor as your cousins will want to make sure you use proper table manners.  There are some rules you’ll need to follow while dining such as no elbows on the table, eating all your veggies, no cell phones/hats at the table.  If you don’t show proper etiquette, be warned as you could end up not getting dessert or having to stand with your nose in the corner.  If you aren’t willing to play along, I wouldn’t recommend dining here as the role play is really what the restaurant is all about. Some cousins get more into their role than others.  Typically, the more you interact with them, the more you’ll get in return.

 50′s Primetime Cafe serves lunch and dinner and is all about Mom’s comfort food. You’ll find yummy flavored sodas, milkshakes, malts and root beer floats.  The PB&J milkshake is to die for!  There are some great appetizers, soups and salads to start your meal with such as Grandpas crab cake and Cousin Amy’s Iceberg Lettuce Wedge.  You’ll find entrees on the menu such as Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken (my favorite), Dad’s grilled Pork Chops, Mom’s Old-Fashioned Pot Roast, Cousin Barry’s Olive Oil Poached Salmon, Uncle Dana’s Artichoke and Risotta Agnolotti and Cousin Ann’s Traditional Meatloaf.  Not sure which entree to pick?  How about going with a sampling of Mom’s favorite recipes!

50s primetime cafe milkshake

If you have saved room for dessert, only at 50′s Primetime Cafe will you be able to view your menu through a Viewfinder.  Love it!  On the dessert menu are S’mores, Dad’s Brownie Sundae, Ice Cream Sundaes, 50′s Boston cream Parfait and more.

If you are looking for a fun, unique place to dine there are some great restaurants on Disney property. Obviously 50′s Primetime Cafe is one of my favorites.  Feel free to contact me at corby@travelwithtthemagic.com and I’ll be more than happy to assist!